Guide to Daily Collection of Coin Tales Rewards

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Hi there! Have you ever thought about wearing the gamer’s goggles and exploring the sight of a completely different world that transcends so much fun and energy into your veins that won’t allow you to sit still but immerse into the intuitive mechanics and competitive entertainment?  

If not, then now is the time! 

Explore the enchanting world where thrilling adventures, strategic gameplay, and a dash of magic come together, and get ready as we unravel the mysteries of Coin Tales. 

What is Coin Tales? 

Get ready to step into the captivating world of Coin Tales developed by Moonjoy. It is a thrilling mobile game that swiftly blends simplicity with compelling gameplay. In this action-packed arcade adventure, players embark on a journey where their ultimate objective is to use their winnings from slot machines to fortify and upgrade their base. The real challenge of this game lies in defending it against adversaries from all corners of the globe.


What sets Coin Tales apart is its user-friendly mechanics that are both uncomplicated and spontaneous. The game is easy to navigate and makes it a seamless experience for players to immerse themselves in without the hassle of a complete learning experience. Moreover, the progressive system adds to the allure, striking the perfect balance between difficulty and satisfaction. As some games can feel frustratingly difficult, Coin Tales ensures a fair and satisfying journey for players.


The game’s competitive element makes it very interesting for players. It’s simple but fun! Coin Tales provides a relaxed gaming vibe with easy and fun arcade gaming. With simple gameplay, a fair way to make progress, and a bit of friendly competition, it’s great for anyone looking for a chill gaming experience.   

How can you get into the Gameplay of Coin Tales? 

Experience the simplicity and excitement of playing Coin Tales!   

The game was designed with two essential elements: a slot machine and your base. Spin the slot machine to earn coins – the more you play, the more money you get. You can jazz up your base or enhance your existing ones with the newfound wealth. But that’s not all – the slot machine is your gateway to even greater success. Along with coins, it also rewards you with shields to protect your base and cannonballs to launch attacks on your rivals.  

It’s truly a win-win!

Now, don’t forget, there’s a crucial element to consider. Failure to fend off an attack means a decrease in your enhancement. And if you don’t act carefully to repair it, your entire base could be lost, or your ranking could drop in the fiercely competitive world of Coin Tales. It’s not just about earning coins; it’s also about strategically defending and continuously upgrading to maintain your top spot! 

Exciting Features of Coin Tales 

Get the ultimate mobile game experience that will captivate and entertain you. Let us walk you through some of the exciting features of Coin Tales: 

  • Immersive Universe: 

As you dive into the enchanting Coin Tales universe you realize each spin of the wheel unlocks a new realm filled with unique coins, treasures, and characters. Explore and conquer to earn exciting rewards, including exclusive Coin Tales Free Spins that add an extra layer of magic to your journey. 

  • Build Your Dream Kingdom: 

Make the most of your hard-earned treasures by not only building your dream kingdom, but also unlocking exclusive upgrades for your structures. The more you play, the more opportunities you’ll have to receive Coin Tales Free Spins, adding an extra dash of excitement to your building journey. 

  • Raid Other Kingdoms: 

Connect with players all over the globe and spin the wheel to snatch coins, and raid treasures from other kingdoms. As you embark on thrilling raids, watch for the chance to win special Coin Tales Free Spins that will increase your riches and bring a touch of unpredictability to your strategic game plan. 

  • Trade to Thrive: 

Engage in exciting trading affairs, swapping cards with acquaintances to complete your exclusive collections. Every completed set not only brings incredible rewards but also surprises you with Coin Tales Free Spins for an extra boost of fortune on your gaming adventure. 

  • Daily Rewards & Bonuses: 

When each day you log in, it not only grants you tempting bonuses but also offers the golden opportunity to spin the wheel for Coin Tales Free Spins. Don’t miss out on our weekly events, where every spin holds the potential of revealing more Free Spins, elevating the excitement of your everyday gaming routine. 

  • Pet Companions: 

Unlock the enchanting world of Coin Tales and discover lovable pet companions that don’t just boost your earnings, but also offer the thrill of unexpected surprises like bonus Coin Tales Free Spins. You can level them up to witness a flurry of rewards, taking your Coin Tales adventure to new levels of excitement.   

  • Leaderboards & Competitions: 

As you climb the global leaderboards and challenge players worldwide, you must watch out for thrilling competitions that offer exclusive Coin Tales Free Spins. With every game you play, comes greater chances to claim these alluring bonuses and showcase your gaming skills. 

How to redeem a daily collection of Coin Tales Rewards? 

Are you looking to score some top-notch Coin Tales Free Spins? Look no further! Just follow these simple, step-by-step instructions to claim your rewards:  

Step 1: Get started by heading to the Google Play Store and downloading Coin Tales onto your device. Once it’s downloaded, go ahead and install it.  

Step 2: After launching the app, take your gaming experience to the next level by connecting Coin Tales to your Facebook account.  

Step 3: Ready for more free spins? 
Hop on over to the CM Reward Links website and easily locate authentic links for daily spin rewards. Make sure to go for the latest link to avoid suspension or chances of duplicity. 

Step 4: Don’t hesitate! With just a click of a button, you can claim your daily dose of free spins by selecting “Collect.”  

Quick Tip: One thing to keep in mind is that the links for free spins are only available for a limited time. So, be swift and collect your spins within the designated timeframe to maximize this opportunity. 

You can experience the worldwide craze of Coin Tales, the ultimate online game that takes players on an exhilarating journey full of free spins, coins, hidden treasures, and rewards. Stay alert and strategic to uncover all the exciting elements and unlock higher levels for maximum rewards. Happy Gaming! 

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