How to Trade Stickers in Dice Dream?

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Take an exciting route through the vibrant world of Dice Dreams, where each roll offers new adventures and mysteries! Join forces with friends, gather stickers, and create your exclusive empire. With limitless possibilities and intriguing challenges ahead, the Dice Dreams experience confirms nonstop fun and excitement for gamers of all ages! 

How to Trade Stickers in Dice Dreams? 

Sticker trading with other players who participate in Dice Dreams has grown in popularity as a social activity. Trading has become easier because of networks such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Tap the Sticker symbol in the lower left corner of your screen to access your Sticker Collection. From there, you may browse through several sticker sets and choose the one you want to swap. 

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After you’ve chosen the sticker, tap it and click “Send”. This action displays a list of your friends, allowing you to select the receiver for the trade. It’s a simple method that allows players to trade stickers, improving their gaming experience and allowing them to progress in the game. 

In Dice Dreams, stickers are classified into two types: Common Stickers and Golden Stickers. Common Stickers may be swapped with friends at any moment, allowing players to participate in sticker exchanges during their games. However, Golden Stickers have unique trading limits and may only be exchanged on specified Golden Trading days, which adds a layer of timing and strategy to the trading process. 

Players who wish to learn more about the techniques and requirements of sticker trading can do so through specific platforms and groups, such as the Dice Dreams Trading Group on Facebook. These online communities provide excellent resources for players to participate in meaningful discussions, ask questions, and seek advice on anything connected to sticker trading and the game as a whole. Connecting with individuals in these groups allows you to conduct sticker exchanges, expand your collection, and obtain a better grasp of Dice Dreams’ dynamics. 

What are Guaranteed Stickers? 

A Guaranteed Sticker is a unique form of sticker reward in Dice Dreams that provides a particular sticker of the highlighted category. Let’s break it down with some examples to help you comprehend it better. 

  • Consider an event that offers a Sticker Pack with a guarantee of three crowns. If you purchase this sticker set, you are guaranteed to receive a sticker with three crowns. This three crowns sticker might be a Common, Gold, or Super Sticker. It’s like a pleasant surprise, but you know it’ll include those three crowns! 
  • Assume there is another event, this time providing a Guaranteed New Common Sticker. This means you’ll receive a fresh new Common Sticker that you do not currently have in your Sticker Album. It’s an excellent method to fill those vacant positions while adding to your collection! 
  • Finally, assume an offer is advertised with a Guaranteed Super Sticker. In this situation, you will receive a Super Sticker. However, it may not be a new one. It might be one you already have, but Super Stickers are always a great idea! 

One expert tip to remember is to check whether the sticker reward is for a particular kind of sticker or an entirely new one. That way, you’ll know precisely what to anticipate when you open the sticker packs or obtain your prizes. Happy collecting! 

Strategies for Finding Sticker Packs in the Treasure Hunt Feature 

There are more procedures you may use to increase your chances of success when searching for sticker packs in Dice Dreams’ Treasure Hunt feature. 

Primarily, think about joining a trading group, such as the official Dice Dreams trading club on Facebook. By joining that online community, you have access to a network of other gamers who may have the exact stickers you need to complete your packs. Friendly conversations and trades might help you speed up your sticker collecting and fill in any missing pieces in your collections. 

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Furthermore, be vigilant while purchasing sticker packs from the in-game Shop. Each pack has a distinctive collection of stickers, and it becomes essential to determine which packs provide the most value for your particular requirements. Prioritize packets that contain stickers required for finishing sets you are currently working on. By carefully investing in the proper packs, you can optimize your sticker collection efforts while reducing waste. 

Additionally, comprehend the dual function of sticker gathering in Dice Dreams. While finishing sets grants rewards, collecting stickers also gives crowns, which are required to upgrade cards. As you collect stickers, you earn crowns, which can be used to improve your attack, obtain, and other cards. Strengthening your cards with upgrades not only boosts gaming effectiveness but also helps with overall game strategy as well as development. 

By incorporating these additional techniques into your sticker trading efforts, you may completely benefit from Dice Dreams’ Treasure Hunt function. Whether via socializing with others, wise pack selection, or sticker collecting for card upgrades, these methods provide a comprehensive strategy for maximizing your satisfaction and success in the game. 

Maximize your Coin through Attack and Steal Cards! 

Upgrading Attack and Steal cards in Dice Dreams has a substantial influence on a player’s ability to maximize earnings during attacks. When participating in raids, players may strategically use improved cards to maximize their awards and total coin accumulation. 

For example, by improving the Attack card, players may ensure a consistent flow of gold coins based on their chosen target structure. This means that each successful Attack generates a certain number of coins, giving a consistent stream of money for gamers wanting to supplement their resources. Furthermore, initiating an attack with an enhanced card may result in extra gold awards, increasing the possible gains from the raid. This emphasizes the significance of upgrading Attack cards to maximize coin generation during gameplay. 

Similarly, increasing the Steal card allows players to loot other players’ wealth during raids. With an enhanced Steal card, players can target opponents and attempt to steal their gold coins, which might result in substantial prizes if the invasion is successful. Furthermore, completing an attack without triggering the bomb event might result in a double bonus, which increases the coin won during the raid. 

In summary, upgrading both Attack and Steal cards is a smart investment for players looking to maximize their revenue in Dice Dreams. These improved cards are essential in accelerating a player’s development and assuring a profitable kingdom-building experience since they increase the prizes gained during raids. 

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