Ludo King Game Review

86 / 100

About Ludo King Game Review

It is the most famous classic arcade board game called Ludo King Game among people. The Unity game engine created the game, and it is available for all platforms.

Ludo King was released on February 20, 2016, and developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. The company is based in Mumbai, India.

Before Ludo King, the company had created a game for people using the desktop. But later, he made Ludo King for all mobile phone users.

Previously they made many games, such as Snakes and Leaders and Baby Big Adventures, but both were average games. Later they made Ludo King, which was very good.

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How is the Gameplay?

Ludo King Game is a popular classic arcade board game based on an Indian real game named Pachisi. In this game, four tokens are awarded and have to be taken from the starting points to the center, also called home. 4 tokens are carried forward using dice.

The dice are rotated and have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 digits. After rotating, whatever numbers come, a token has to move more steps. The one who reaches the center as an endpoint first wins the game.

Type of Modes in Ludo King Game

This game has four modes: computer mode, Local mode, online multiplayer, and private multiplayer. You Vs. computer mode, you can play offline with computer means AI (Artificial Intelligence).

In this mode, there is no need for an internet connection. In local mode, you can play and play offline with another player in this mode.

Also, you do not need an internet connection; you can play this mode with anyone and anytime. In online multiplayer mode, you can play with a player online, but that player is not your choice; that player gives you the game.

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In Private multiplayer mode, you can play with your selected player, you have to create a room, and the other player joins that room, and in this turn, you need an internet connection. You cannot play online and private multiplayer modes without an Internet connection.

How do you play Ludo King?

After reading all this, the game looks like a lot of fun. This game is fantastic, and no one has seen such a game to date; this game has achieved the number 1 rank on every game platform.

It has been a craze among Youngsters since the beginning, but big people also like to play this game very much. Ludo King is played more by people aged 18 to 35 years. Recently, the whole world was going through an epidemic, which we know as the Coronavirus.

We all know that the Coronavirus has caused lockdowns all over the world. Ludo King was the most played game in Lockdown. Everyone used to play this game with the family in their homes at the time of the Lockdown.

This game entertained people even during such an epidemic, and people played it with their family and friends sitting far away. In these ten months of Lockdown, this game became the most played game in the world.

This game was top-rated already. Play Ludo King is India’s puzzle game that achieved more than 500 million downloads. This game is played globally in more than 30 nations and is accessible in 14 dialects.

How long does a Ludo King game last?

This ludo game is one of the most successful and real games, made on an entirely new concept, this ludo board game is not a copy of any other game, but many ludo new game have been made by watching this game. This game can also be played by connecting to Facebook. After connecting to Facebook, you can also play it with friends, and you can also play challenges.

After making the Ludo King game, the company got a lot of success, so they improved their game. Recently they have added fresh new updates to this game. There is an update to which new themes have been added, such as Nature, Disco, cake, candy, pinball, and Egyptian.

These themes are gorgeous. In these themes, playing Ludo is a lot of fun. Recently Ludo King added a voice chat feature in August 2020. While playing online, you can also play voice from the front player; this feature is very awe-spring; it does not feel that the player playing is sitting far away from us.

Simultaneously, the company also launched a new game called Rush Ludo, a faster version of this game. In January 2019, they launched a six-player online multiplayer and quick-play modes.

What are the Achievements

Now let’s talk about the achievements of this game; this game has earned a lot. Regarding money, this game is very successful. This game has won India’s No. 1 game title.

This game has also been added to the top 21 games of the apple play store, which is a huge thing. The company that makes this game is also ranked no. 1 in the Top 10 India Headquarters game publisher category.

At the same time, this game has also won the Best Casual Game of 2018 and is also considered the second-trusted brand in India.

According to sources, the time to play this game is too much. This game is played worldwide, but most of the people who play this game are from India country. The average time to play this game daily is 1 hour, which reached 3 hours at the time of Lockdown.

This game has more than 500 million downloads, and more than 50 million people play this game every day.

Many people do not make any other application as much as this game. This game comes six times in the world in the most downloaded category, and its revenue is more than 9,22,000 dollars. You must also know how much fun this game is, then go and play this game with your friends and family and have fun.

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