Match Club Game

About Match Club Game

This Match Club game is played online. So fasten your Brain and look at the clock running fast because once you start playing, this google play match 3 games in this you have to be very quick with your moves and beat the opponent who is also sharply playing against you. 

These opponents in match club dating site come in when you start playing the game. Whoever is available to play will connect within 5-7 seconds from all over the country, so be ready and make the highest score against them. Because both players will be playing on the board turn by turn, be prepared with the new tactics to help you win.

Match Club Game Instructions

All the games will be three rounds each. Game one starts. You will be guided on which side to play and when it is your turn. The top of the page shows you how many points you have got. You will also get certain advantages for your moves, so play wisely.

A beautiful cat fairy welcomes you with the title match club as you download the game. The first thing you have to do is connect your game with Facebook or Google, and you will get a message that you have logged in to the game. Then you will get a Free option of selecting the first character you will be playing and will unlock the rest you earned after playing Little by Little.

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How to play match club

While playing, if you match 3 same colour marble, you get 3 points. You get two turns in one round. In case you join 4-colour marble, you get an extra move this is the puzzle match games. Results are displayed at the end of the game, and how many coins and trophies you have earned will be calculated. 

Advantages you get while playing the game

  1. Hammer:- Use the hammer to Remove any part of the game board piece. After choosing, you must click on that piece, which vanishes, and you can match the rest. 
  2. Booster:- As the energy is complete, you can use that booster and earn points. 
  3. Reverse:- On your turn, an option will be on your side of the game. If you can click the reverse option, do it and enjoy the change. Use it wisely. It will rearrange all the items on the board. 
  4. Trophies:- From the start of the game till the game continues, with every step you play, you get a certain number of awards on how you perform in your competition. As the target is completed, you will get various gifts and boosters waiting for you, so play wisely, archive the target and win prizes.

So here I will be giving you an idea of how much and what you will be getting on a collection of trophies:-

  • 50 awards – 1 aeroplane booster
  • 80 medals – ×1 spray booster and one wheel
  • One hundred twenty medals – 1 Rocket booster and 🔥
  • 160 citations – 1 chemical booster
  • 200 awards – 1 box and × 50 gold coins
  • Three hundred trophies – 1 scary dog, ×10 6H etc.

Boosters of the Match Club : PVP Match 3

  1. Bomb booster:- After the first round, you get an unlock of the first booster. The Bomb booster is used in the game and will be visible in your corner below. You must have a watch on the number of things you must collect, and when it gets full, you can use it. After it gets blasted, it takes out five pieces, and you earn 5 points in one go. 
  2. Plane Booster:- Mostly plane gets unlocked after the two rounds of the game. 
  3. Sprinkle Booster:- When you activate this sprinkle booster, it helps you in such a way it will colour the same colour on specific places, making a set of 3, and you earn a point. This booster unlocks by collecting 80 trophies. 
  4. Rocket booster:- Rocket booster unlocks when you collect 120 Trophies. Features of this rocket are it a blast on one particular place and takes with it all the colour marbles around and give you points. 
  5. Chemical booster:- Chemical booster can be used when you collect 160 trophies at a time. 
  6. Unicorn booster:- This is the best booster. Till now, I have used what it does. When we activate it, it will turn in the colour of marbles in unicorns in certain places. Those will come walking to the end line and take away the marbles, and you earn points.

Match club Challenges

  1. Newbie Checks: – This is one of the challenges that come up during the game, and this comes up with a challenge like here you have to finish within nine days. Different quests are posted here every day for you to get more familiar with this part of the challenge, so do have a look here every day. Daily’s Great rewards will help you stand out in battle Prizes for each day is different like:-

Day 1- ×100 coins There are some daily challenges you have to complete, like-

  • A total of 1-time login on this will give you ×1 gold medal and ×1 green card.
  • If you get three turns of Spins in the game, you can win ×1 gold medal and ×5 buckets of gems. 
  • On winning three streaks 🔥 during the game, you win ×1 gold medal and 15min🔥. 
  • If, in total, you play ten turns continuously in one game, you get ×20 gold coins and ×1 gold medal 🏅. 
  • You must bring two summoning partners to get ×1 gold medal and ×1 spin wheel. 
  • On using a rare booster thrice, you get ×1 gold medal and ×1 treasure card.
  • Day 2- ×10 Gems, 
  • Day 3 – ×1 mysterious gold box, 
  • Day 4- ×1 green card, 
  • Day 5- ×1 pink mysterious box
  • Day 6- ×60 gems 
  • Day 7- If you continuously check it for the 7th day, you can earn abundant rewards and get a rare partner to play with.

Daily deals that you will be getting in match club

Many such daily deals will be coming up for you. Just have a sharp look at the timings and play the game. Those deal prizes have limited things and are fixed with certain gold coins.

  1. Daily mode: – Unlocks with 1100 trophies, but when you play 1vs, one player. 
  2. Vertical matching: – Unlocks with 3200 trophies and rewards; you get 200 gold coins and 100 search options. These have to be between 8 players at a time. 
  3. Colourful rush: – Unlocks with 3200 trophies; you get 200 gold coins and 100 Search options here. Also, there should be eight players at a time playing the game. 
Surprise gift boxes in match club
  1. Daily deals: – 2 Thunder cards available for 150 good coins. One monster card for 1600 gold coins. One mysterious box for 1000 gold coins. ×50 gems for 600 good coins. Partner Roulette for 200 trophies.
  2. Benefits of Spins wheels: – Spinning the wheel is the best part of the game because you get gifts after you turn. There are two types of spin wheels one is a lucky spin wheel, and the other is a super spin wheel.
  3. Coin packs: – Here, you can get coin packs on real money. You can purchase it, and the package is-
  • 600 gold coins – 180/-
  • 1800 gold coins – 450/-
  • 4000 gild coins – 920/-
  • 9000 gold coins – 1900/-
  • 14000 gold coins – 2850/-
  • 25000 gold coins – 4750/-

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