Types Of Pet Master Events List 2023

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About Pet Master Events

Amazing Offers that come across while playing the pet master events.

In this article, you will see how many events are running in the pet master game.

  • Starter pack offer

The starter has a pack that gives you 16 hours to grab this opportunity 3.2 M coins and 300 XP for just rupees 140/- hurry! Buy now; only one left to go.

  • Beginners deal offer

Perfect deals for Beginners 625 XP and 7.2M coins in just 350/- offer ends soon. There are fewer opportunities to grab this offer, so let’s grab it. You can pay directly from bank to bank.

  • Find a dicing deal offer.

Find a dicing deal and get us amazing offers for 300 rupees. You will be getting 80 spins plus 5.4M coins and 15 dice. There is only one available, so go and take it; time is 18 hours left.

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Pet master lovely winning huge prizes events.

  • Rubber ducky flood event

Rubber ducky flood gives us 86 hours to collect 50 XP while spinning, where you can earn big rewards.

It goes like if you get one symbol of a duck on the indicator, you get one duck in your account. If you see two duck characters on the hand, you get three ducks; if you get three symbols on all three sides in the indicator, you get 15 ducks.

Isn’t that wonderful? If you play with higher betting power, your rewards get multiplied.

  • Pet Master Village rush event

Village rush brings lots of heavy prizes to you, like when you complete a village.

And goes to the other town, you get rewarded if you go from village 3 to 4, you will get 30XP; in village 5, you get 1M coins plus an owl chest; in village 6, you get 2M coins and two dice to roll, village seven you get 2.4 M coins plus a lion face chest plus two dice and so on play fast and complete the villages for win big.

  • Free dice + new board event

The free dice logo can be visible to you as you unlock Village 4, and you can play in seven new boards, winning one after the other.

Seven boards, such as first are the Desert Board, in which you have to cover 7 bar tiles on the board and then go to the other board; you even get a chance to upgrade the prizes that are visible on the board. You will give six dice rolls to you.

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Other board’s names are as follows: –

  • Jungle board
  • Arctic board
  • Coral reef board
  • Gostville board 
  • Zen garden board
  • Mystical board
  • Farm Board
  • Candy board
  • Acropolis board 
  • Egyptian deserts board 
  • New panels are coming soon.
  • Bet booster event.

You get a great opportunity if you bet x100. And when you get this offer within 1 hour, win the best prizes. This offer will appear 2-3 times daily, so be ready.

  • Chilly chest fest event

Chilly chest fest brings up a new substantial winning way like the diamond edition win up to 100,000 spins roll for a chance to win mega rewards only in 19 hours. Let go and grab it.

Colosseum craze tournament

The Colosseum Craze tournament is an exciting event. You get only 5 hours to play.

To start the contest, you have to collect 6 Golden crowns. After the match begins, you see a list of people’s names with their achievements and playing ranks.

To climb up to the first rank, play and play and collect the golden crowns it gets at a specific time. When you raid, you get four peaks. If you get a successful raid, you get six golden crowns.

Some reach eight heights when you attack, and when you block the attack, you get two peaks and 5 minutes to go. Bet in multiples and collect an enormous amount of rewards.

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Pet master Gondola ride tournament 

Let’s go on a gondola ride and collect some beautiful gifts waiting for you; collect six boats to unlock the tournament and enjoy only 8 hours left for the pet master gondola ride.

You can order these boats when you get them, and it will give an attack option of two ships if you complete a perfect attack. You get three boats, a raid Gives you four boats, and an ideal invasion gives you five ships.

The best chance to win big is betting big. Also, a list of people already grabbed this opportunity to proceed with their play.

Cards Album in pet master free spins

Cards are essential for each pet master free spins links player in the game. Cards get collected in an Album.

There are seven such albums where your sets of cards get collected. The names of these albums are as follows. 

  • Royal Raccoon Album unlocks after the village 
  • Whimsical Walrus Album opens at Village 22
  • Rascal Rabbit Album opens at Village 45
  • Elegant Elephant Ablum opens at Village 70
  • Squirrel scouts Ablum unlocks at village 100
  • Crow Coven Album unlocks at Village 130
  • Tiger Tales Ablum unlocks at Village 160

In each Ablum, you see nine cards like camping moose, chimp revolution, beaver Bob, and poodle cuts.

Some others are also there, but that will get unlocked at the village level given, in which also you have to collect nine cards each, so there is a long way to play and collect all the pet master cards and have fun.

What is the village news feature of the pet master?

The village news section, you can find in the settings of the three lines on the right side of the pet master game page.

The most fantastic pet master secret is you will be getting off all the notifications like: –

  • Who stole your money, and how much? 
  • Who attacked you? 
  • Name of that person
  • How many times ago?

Also, you get a defended message that means your pet master village is safe and secure from the robbers because of your shield.

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