Zombie Tsunami

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About Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is the most favorable game played by every youngster and kid. This game is the best among them all zombies’ games; Mobi games have developed Zombie Tsunami. The creators of the Zombie Tsunami had done such great work.

The game was released on 31 May 2012. The real name of this game was Zombie Carnival, but the creators changed it to Zombie Tsunami. As we all know, Mobi games are a massive gaming company. In the past, the company had created a stunning game. First, the game was released for ios users, but after they released it for the Android platform. We all know that every year many games release for the Android platform. Most of the crowds are android users because it is very comfortable to use Android than Pc or Computer.

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Mobi game is a French studio, mainly develops games in the French language. The studio has a great base in the sense of their work. They work as professionally as their work is shown in their games. Once a man said,” The man who is so serious about their careers is the actual developer.” Every individual who thought of him as a developer should know about this fact. The workers of this studio are also so serious about their work. We can say that a Mobi game is a great studio.

How is the Gameplay

Zombie Tsunami is a straight endless running game developed by Mobi games. In this game, the man who is playing has to handle the zombie group and keep running as long as possible. The game’s concept is to run with the horde of zombies, in which many obstacles comes front of the player. While running, the zombies have to collect coins to perform their score. Don’t worry; this concept is not ended there; the magic behind this gameplay is extraordinary for all.

When the player starts to play with the zombie, some pedestrian comes in front of the player. To increase the number of members of the zombie group player has to eat the pedestrian and make a group of zombies. When a zombie eats a pedestrian, they will get a brain as their score point.

The brain is the main thing in this game. To increase brain, the player has to eat pedestrian. The more you eat pedestrians, the more will be the brain. It is not that easy to handle the zombie group as so many things come to break your horde as obstacles. The game will end when there is no zombie will be available to run on the platform. There are also some bonuses player gets while running.

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A tsunami will lead your horde to unbeatable. When you show by a tsunami, no one will stop you as the tsunami will destroy everything. The tsunami helps to collect coins and pedestrians. It will turn pedestrians into a zombie and allows a player to complete their horde.


When your zombie turns into a ninja, you will get enough power to rescue yourself. With their blades’ help, the ninja can destroy all bombs, cars, helicopters and turns all pedestrians into zombies. They can do double jumps while jumping, which will help them to rescue.


This is the best bonus of the game. When the zombie turns into gold, they will transform everything into gold coins. When the player comes in contact with the obstacles and everything, it will lead to the gold.

The power of Giant. Z is enough to destroy everything. The zombie will turn into a giant monster with three eyes and a big head; the beast spread laser through his eyes. The laser is potent and can quickly destroy everything that comes in contact with it. The size of the player increases and also helps to increase the number of members of zombies.


The horde of the zombie will turn to a dragon. The dragon can quickly destroy everything. The dragon spread flare from his mouth and can develop civil to the zombie. Also, the flare spread by a zombie can ruin everything. This is also a fantastic bonus.

The concept of this game does not just end here; there is still more to be told. If the person playing a game does not get any reward, he does not play that game for long. Either his interest goes away from the game side, or he reduces playing it. Keeping this in mind entirely, the developers have kept the reward in this game.

When you have to complete a few missions in this game, each task takes you closer to your reward. As you complete the mission, your liquid bottles are filled. When you fill all those bottles, you get the trophy in the form of dividends. As you play this game, you get more medals. In this game, you also have many lottery tickets that you get a lot after scratching, like a lot of coins or something.

How is the Graphics and Sound Play?

Talking about the graphics of this game, it is perfect. The background theme is lovely when a zombie runs away; that theme keeps changing. Sometimes it appears at night or sometimes in the morning. Zombies are also designed so that they do not look dangerous at all; by looking at those zombies, you will laugh. You can also prepare those zombies. Pedestrian has also been made such that it seems like a familiar logo.

Talking about the soundtrack, it is also imposing. You are going to like the sound of the zombies chilling. A soft sound is also added to the background, which gives a different feel. When a zombie hits an obstacle, the sound becomes a comedy rather than a serious one. This game sounds a bit intimidating by name, but it shows that there is no comedy game more than this game upon playing.

The time of eating pedestrian is precisely like this way when you belch after eating. It also feels perfect when using bonuses. If seen ultimately, this game is excellent. If you have liked all these things, then definitely go and play this game. You are going to have a lot of fun.

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