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Crazy Fox is an online game with a gambling intrinsic element, developed by ASTAK TECH, It is a segmented Adventure of a little prince and his Fox. The sophisticated and vibrant graphics are complementary to an interactive machine. The progress in the level of the player helps to explore new levels and assured prizes, collection of cards, bonuses, coins, etc.

It was published in the current year on the 26th of March 2023 under the category of casual gaming application. Within this short period, it registered hits of 4.7 in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store with 4.8 stars.

The tutorials of Crazy Fox are quite simple but the game is based on the roll of the spin as an in-game machine, each roll of spin assured rewards obtainable.

What is the gameplay of Crazy Fox?

The gameplay of Crazy Fox is advanced with given tutorials in which all the necessary details were prescribed regarding the symbols, various attack modes, stealing other Empires, and rules of advancing levels.

It gives access to all the marginal options available to unlock new levels. The game then moves to its next stage in which the player gets the option of spins the roll which can increase from one spin to ten spins onwards depending upon the level of reward combinations.

What are the Crazy Fox Free Spinzations of Crazy Fox symbols?

Symbols of Crazy Fox can be divided into the following bullets:

* Coin- Coins are available in the game in a series of two ways-

  1. Gold Coin in the piece.   2. Chest- bronze, silver, and gold.

The more coins fallout at a time the higher payouts.

* Bomb– bombs are dropped in the field to indicate attack mode and the target is successfully defeated full stop leads to cash price which is added to the balance which increases the size of the empire building.

* Fox- The Fox symbol indicates the steal or theft mode of the player.

* Flask with a potion– the flax with a portion symbol indicates the number of spins available to a player which symbolises that three flask with a portion provides three spins in the game.

* Shield- Within the game,  three Shield options are present, if a player can get all these three options then their village area is well protected from all those outside opponent attacks.

# Facts to know- Fox, is the most valuable symbol which led the player to steal from opponents from 1, 50,000 coins up to several coins.

How many pets are associated with Crazy Fox?

The gameplay of Crazy Fox is accompanied by pets in the following mentioned stages to enjoy the player’s privileges during the game-

  • Raccoon– In level 4 the pet is activated to get extra coins in steal mode.
  • Slot- It unlocks after completion of all the ranges of the dinosaur card. It enhances the percentage of security during attacks.
  • Dragon- It helps after the collection of all sorts of Dragon cards to enjoy extra coins in attack mode.

Apart from all such privileges, it came up with the cost of food provision and experience accumulation through points earning.

How does the Spin wheel work in Crazy Fox?

The spin wheel is a unique feature in all in-machine games which offer a variety of reward-winning chances by simple spinning. The reward usually depends upon the luck and algorithm set in the game. It is an additional element to add marginal excitement to the gameplay.

How to play with friends in Crazy Fox?

Team Mode is unavailable in the gameplay of Crazy Fox, the user can only enjoy the option of inviting a friend to enjoy assured prizes and share gifts, coins, and spins too.

How to download the Crazy Fox app for Android and iOS?

Crazy Fox is available to play on any smartphone. It is available on both the version of Android and iOS. It can be downloaded from  Really Spin allotted on the prescribed website.

The steps are given in points-

Step-1: Go to the above-mentioned given link.

Step-2:Download installation of APK files and unzip the excitement and gaming experience.

Step-3:Install the application thereby.

It is downloaded from an official website like Google Play or App Store by following the steps below

Step 1: Search within the search engine of the website ” Crazy Fox”

Step 2: Tap to install button and download the app to equate the real gaming experience.

How to get and redeem Crazy Fox Free Spins and Coins?

Crazy Fox is a popular game similar to Coin Master which involves spinning a wheel to Grab rewards. By following the steps one can get the assured rewards:

Step-1: download and open the application Crazy Fox from the Google Play Store on Android and the App Store on iOS.

Step 2: Connect with the respective Facebook account to receive the latest update and free spins and coins.

Step 3: Visit the website CM Reward Link, tap in and scroll a little to collect the rewards, and then tap on the collect option.

Step 4: Finally,  the player is redirected to the game and wins the free coins and spins.

What are the Pros and Cons of Crazy Fox?

Pros are given below:

√ The play acts as a guest rather than a registered player.

√ Bonus options are always available.

√Levels are properly explained in detail.

√ Play with friend option is present to ignore boredom.

√ Cash payment is not required to play the levels.

Cons are below mentioned:

  • Limitation of time in special events or tournaments.
  • Cost of procuring building in hanses by gradual increment in levels.
  • Raids and Attacks by opponents are common.
  • Play in team or group mode is not available.
  • At the initial level, various options are not unlocked.


Crazy Fox is of the same genres as Pet Master, Coin Master, Island, and Pirate King in which the player needs to spin the slot machine, buy objects, and advance the levels by constructing their villages. It enhances the presence of the mind of a player due to various objects being included in the gameplay. To enjoy free rewards, coins, and spins user has to keep their eyes open. It decreases loneliness, depression, and anxiety access criteria. It enhances social interaction which allows introverts to participate with extroverts.

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