How To Get Crazy Fox Free Spins (May 2024)

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About Crazy Fox Game

Crazy Fox Free Spins is the most trending game in the 20s because it has unique features you will love when you first download and start playing. Today I will explain Crazy Fox – Big Win, its features, and how it works. Each tiny thing will be easy to understand, and play the game; this would be fun.

What are Crazy Fox Free Spins?

Crazy Fox is an adventure game currently trending in the 20s; it has some beautiful features wherein you will love to play the game; let me explain the game in detail so that even you can start playing it.

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You can always download the game from the official Play Store and App Store, wherein Android users can download the app from the play store, and iOS users can download the app from the app store; this game is available in all major countries.


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How to Download Crazy Fox Game?

If you have an Android device, then download Crazy Fox from Google Play Store; click on Download Now. Or if you have an iPhone means an iOS device, you can always use your Apple App Store to download the game. Click on Download Now. If you run out of spins and need spin to complete your village set, guess what? Below you will get all the latest daily free spins and coins links to claim your reward and get those free spins right into your game.

What is a spin wheel and how does it work?

Well, the spin wheel is just as simple as clicking a button to spin the wheel. When you first hit the red spin button, the machine will start scrolling up and down. You may get some coins, spins, shields, or something else depending on the currently ongoing Event, but trust me; this will be amazing and full of fun to play the game.

What is Shield?

You can collect the shield while you spin the wheel and get only three shields. The shield helps you in protecting your village from getting damaged. Now you must be thinking, who will damage my village? Let me tell you, the one who can attack your village is your Facebook friends, who are also playing the same game, crazy fox. And if not them, then the computer itself shows your profile to random users wherein they can attack your village, and if you have those three shields, then one will break when the user attacks; this is how the shield will help you protect your town. What happens if you have no shield? If you don’t have protection with you and have built your village, then anyone can damage your village, and you need to rebuild them.

What is a Reward Calendar?

Reward Calendar is one of the fabulous features added to the game. It reminds you to log in to the game to claim your daily reward via a calendar. It has different rewards daily, sometimes spins, sometimes coins, and sometimes both. It also has something perfect if you log in for seven days daily; it gives you one extra reward where you can get more spins or coins, cards, and pet foods.

What is World Shop?

World Shop is where you can build your village; one village has five characters to create one texture. You must develop it five times and then rest when you complete the town. You get some free spins and cards depending on your village. While you build your town, you also get a star; these stars help you see your leaderboard, where you can also find who is ahead of you, who is behind you, and on what level.

How to buy chests?

There are three types of chests: –

  1. Wooden Chests: – These can be purchased from your coins
  2. Silver Chests: – You can also buy chests with coins.
  3. Golden Chests: – Currently can be purchased with real money for $9.99, but when you are on the higher level, you might buy even this from coins, so wait at least cross-level ten and above to see the changes.

What is Card Collection?

Card Collection is where you can collect free cards or trade them with your friends, and once your card set gets completed, the particular card set will reward you with some spins and coins or maybe something more.

Types of Events

There are multiple types of events in Crazy Fox – Spin Masters, such as Balloon Frenzy, Golden Card, Set Blast, Bet Blast, and Vikings Etc. There are also daily other events when you play and spin the wheel, and if you get a raid or attack, you get some extra crazy fox free spins and coins to start playing it; then only you will understand how the game works.

What are Vikings, and How to Play this Event?

Vikings event is one of the most trending Events played with all the users; to play Vikings, you need millions and billions of coins. Why? Because when you play Vikings, you use your coins and not spins, but if you complete this Vikings event, then you may get at least two golden cards and thousand of spins; yes, you heard it right, thousands of free spins aren’t this Event unique that’s why I love to play this Vikings Event.

What is Raid?

Raid is when you play and spin the wheel and get the foxy thrice in a row. Then you are about to be a Cash King, where you will be stealing the coins of other users, and yes, let me tell you that you get four options to raid, out of which only three will give you coins, and one will be empty, so dig it wisely to get more coins. If you get more coins, you can build more villages and get the go-ahead from your friends.

What is Attack?

The attack is the same as the raid; no, I mean not as exact as the raid, but a bit similar while you spin the wheel, you will get three bombs which means now you can go and attack your friend’s village, revenge on them, or any random users.


In this Crazy Fox Free Spins Today’s article, I have explained everything in detail: how to play the Crazy Fox – Big Win game and build your villages, complete your card sets, etc.

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