Top 10 best reasons why you should play online quiz games

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Are you ready to become a part of the online quiz games and take your personality to the next level? I’ll share why one should play quizzes and why it is always the best option.

In the Oxford English Dictionary, I noticed the earliest appearance of the term quiz in print in 1782.

What is the amusing story behind the origin of the word ‘quiz’?

The amusing incident ascribes to the fact that the manager of Dublin (an area of Ireland), Richard Daly, bet to introduce the language to a word within 24 hours of first inventing the word quiz.

But the accuracy of the anecdote is quite doubtful. The term quiz was again noticed in print in 1867, as it refers to testing knowledge when explicitly applied to a set of questions in an academic context.

Why should I participate in a quiz?

Online quiz games offer varied ways to have amusement and lead to self-development by learning new information. The other name of the quiz is mind sport or mystery to solve. It helps to think logically to the ultimate end with the correct answer and a self-building public persona.

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What is the contribution of a quiz to the learning process?

Quizzes embed information in the brain and build the foundation for the next stage of brain development and learning skills.

I will explain this in a more precise manner: when a person masters the quiz of multiplication in the mathematics subject, they proceed to learn the next stage, i.e., algebra or measurement, to that of the particular topic; likewise, the learning process also develops if anyone keeps participating in quizzes.

Do quizzes pave the way for different points to judge the information?

If a person plays quizzes, their thinking and judging capacity expands so much that while considering any activity or event, they should think from different angles or perspectives more confidently than a non-quizzer.

It is primarily helpful in relieving stress and anxiety and allows one to think effectively and efficiently.

How many categories of quiz games are available?

The varied categories of quizzes are mentioned in the following:

  • Movie quiz or trivia
  • Music quiz or trivia
  • General Knowledge
  • Celebrity quiz
  • Business quiz

Facts to know: Niel O’Brian, the present TMC leader and MP of India, was a quiz master known for conducting the first formal quiz contest in Kolkata, India, in 1967 at Christ the King Church Parish Hall.

Siddhartha Basu, the Father of Indian Television quizzes, is a producer, director, and even a prominent host of quiz shows.

What is the present scenario for quiz shows?

Frederick J. Kelly, author of the Kansas Silent Reading Test, is widely known for being the originator of multiple-choice question testing.

It is a set of questions comprised of four answers in consecutive numbers, and the participant should choose among the four the right one. This varied way of introducing such a concept is the initiation of a quiz only, which aims to remove subjective format and evaluate reading ability by associating various, precise terms to learn specified mastery.

As per those mentioned earlier, famous and very close to ordinary people, the television quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati has been broadcast since 2001 and still runs with gradual hits every season.

It’s a huge success, and high-rated TRPs always vividly describe the show’s success as well. The impact on the genre is so significant that adults, youngsters, and even children watched it with total energy and concentration.

What are the reasons behind playing quizzes?

The reasons behind playing quizzes with children are:

  • Challenging quizzes are essential to keep the brain healthy: The brain is active and learns new concepts. The brain helps keep the nervous system efficient. Quizzes accelerate the brain’s thinking capacity and build it into a creative one.
  • It forces the children to read new contents or topics: To be a part of a quiz, children should read the contents vividly and keep them embedded in their brains to use when the urgency arrives.
  • It increases the ability to speak in public: As a quiz member, one should promptly answer the questions and give a reason for the answer. It helps increase the ability to speak in public and logically answer questions.
  • Enhances reading ability: It creates the urge to improve reading ability, listening, and prompt answering skills.
  • Knowledgeable persona: The acquirer becomes the source of good knowledge and leads their team in discussions or lectures on different topics.
  • The reasons behind playing quizzes for adults are:
  • To sharpen the brain, quizzes are the best means to adopt as an adult.
  • Keeping charge of competition-level quizzes is necessary; it enables the individual to be active and ready for any challenge.
  • It keeps an individual updated on varied knowledge in every sphere.
  • It releases stress and anxiety by creating a sense of entertainment.
  • It enhances the ability to take action on the right path.
  • It always paved the way for social interactions and enthusiastic team spirit.
  • A quiz enhances an individual’s ability to learn logical aspects.
  • Quizzes encourage self-awareness and self-assessment.

Facts to know: Archana Garodia Gupta, the winner of the fourth season of Mastermind India, went on to win the Champion of Champions title by defeating three other champions of quizzes in 2001.

The best online quiz games are:

  • Quizoid
  • Quizzer
  • Trivia 360
  • General Knowledge Quiz by Timeleg
  • Logo Games
  • Trivia Crack 2


Online quiz games provide fun as well as entertainment and impart knowledge-based understanding. It shows how to think logically and rationally to find a solution promptly. It assures me that education benefits the brain and keeps it healthy. So, will the leaders give it a try? I assure you, you won’t regret it.

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