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Who knows a man belonging to Ireland works as a photographer and web developer in Germany to break all the records of gaming platforms and provide the ultimate radiance and arena to meet the criteria of the Battle Royale Game i.e. PUBG or PUBG Lite?

Yes, you guessed that the probable answer is none other than the developer of PUBG, Brendan Greene, the man behind the game. He was born in Ireland but subsequently relocated to Brazil for employment. After two years, he returned to Ireland and began his career in game creation.

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It was the period when the game platform already had classic games, but the opportunity arose when the software development company Daybreak hired him. Soon he left the job and finally reached Seoul to impress the minds of Blue Hole Organiser, a giant game developer company in South Korea.

What is PUBG all about?

The first beta version of PUBG was released in March 2017, but after attaining full popularity and attention from eminent streamers, the full release of the game was sanctioned in December 2017. Chingam Kim, the CEO of PUBG Corporation, created and established battle royale games. PUBG stands for players’ unknown battlegrounds. It is an action-shooter intrinsic platform in which a total of 100 players participate, but by the time the game is over, only one player, duo, team, or four are left. It is just a subsidiary game of the South Korean video game company Blue Hole.

Apart from release, this is the time to test and get prompt feedback. The result soon arrived when it broke all the previous records by selling 50 million copies worldwide on PC and Xbox One.

What is the success story of PUBG?

PUBG has changed the game across multiple generations, defining the appeal and execution of battle royale gaming and securing a place in gaming history.

PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battle Ground; its popularity has reached so far that PUBG mobiles and other gamers end up getting a salary of around 40,000 to 150,000 rupees in India.

PUBG Mobile has solely generated 1.1 billion downloads since its launch, as per Sensor Tower.

The total revenue generated by PUBG is now over $9 billion.

Only iOS and Android alone generated $650 million in the year 2022( within the first quarter of the year).

What is the gameplay of PUBG?

The rectilinear expansion and richness of the popular Battle Royale genre of PUBG are so great that none of the other games even come close to them.

PUBG’s gameplay is similar to when 100 players investigate a plane that parachute lands on an island. Even though they work together to destroy their opponents, each player’s main goal is to obtain firearms, grenades, and other things for ultimate survival.

However, the forthcoming obstacles to making PUBG compatible with all platforms or devices remain significant.

The following bullets list the numerous aspects that subsequently function as additions:

√ Battleground liberates drama with fun and excitement.

√ The combos made the game so interesting to watch.

√ Add on emotional moments like

  • Relation to discovering AMW.
  • Footsteps script into the house.
  • Relieved in the form of successful combat.

How do I download PUBG Lite after the ban?

PUBG Lite has been officially released in Thailand. Some gamers are unable to access such gaming experiences due to the unavailability of the game as sanctioned in their respective countries.

Players can use the given steps to get the APK file for the PubG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 version.

The following are the steps to download:

Step 1: Players must navigate the website Pubg Mobile Lite on their mobile device.

Step 2: Individuals need to tap the ‘APK download’ option in the next step. The download process soon starts. The file size is 714 MB.

Step 3: Gamers need to toggle ‘Install from unknown source ‘ and install the file.

Step 4: Gamers can complete the in-game update to get the 0.22.1 version.

After installing, players might find it difficult to run the game as the server might be blocked. So the user uses free VPNs downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The best VPNs that can be found in the Play Store are:


After connecting the VPN, the players can easily run the game on their respective devices but might face slight pings during gameplay.

How do I hack PUBG Lite?

To hack PUBG Lite, the following steps must be considered:

Step 1: The gamer must first download the “Guardian Android App” in order to hack PUBG Lite. Its official Android app download page is When the app is downloaded, it has to be installed on the mobile phone.

Regarding such downloads, permission may be asked to install third-party apps in the settings. If the option is not enabled, turn on the ‘Unknown Source’ option to enable the mobile phone.

Step 2: After installing, open the app, leave it like that, and minimize. Then run the PUBG Lite game. To enable certain features or options in the Game Guardian app, PUBG Lite has to minimize and click on the Menu option to tap the option Execute Script.

Step 3: Now go to the file manager to pick up your mobile. lua file of PUBG Lite and select the option OB.

Copy the whole file and paste it back into the Execute Script option. It’s important to keep in mind that the Guardian Game app is not to be closed.

Step 4: After going to the Execute Script option, click on the other three options. The result is that the PUBG Lite game hacking process starts.

Which is best PUBG or Free Fire?

Origin South Korea Singapore
Release Date March 2018 30th September, 2017
Developer PUBG Corporations 111 Dots Studio
Publisher PUBG Corporations for PC and PS4.

•Microsoft Studio for XBXboxne.

•Tencent Games for mobile.

Director Brenden Greece Tery Zhao
Battlefield 100 players at a time can participate. 50 players can participate at a time.
Platforms Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox One, PS4 iOS and Android
Gross revenue in Mobile $2.6 billion (2020) $1 billion(2020)
Ratings 100 million downloads 13 million hits 4.5 stars. 100 million downloads and 21 million hits 4.5 stars.

Viewpoint points on the above analysis-

The players don’t like Free Fire if they’ve already experienced PUBG before, which provides a real-life gaming experience.

PUBG gets the point in the overall experience of Battle Royale that Free Fire lacks.

√ PUBG offers various locations across different maps, whereas Free Fire has limited locations.

The number of characters is heavier than the free fire in PUBG.

The range of weapons, frequency of airdrops, and opportunity to use vehicles lead PUBG to victory. regardless of whether it consumes more memory than Free Fire.

So from the above analysis, it is worth mentioning that PUBG is a somewhat more popular and interesting game than Free Fire.

The top 10 trending PUBG Lite facts one should know as a fan of PUBG

  • PUBG is the foremost game to set 1 million current players on Steam as an unofficial release.

Just a few months after PUBG’s authorized release, it set its feet by acquiring 1 million players. Whereas Dota 2 secured the second position after struggling for the past three years.

  • PUBG sold over 50 million copies.

June 2018 created gaming history as PUBG sold 50 million copies and became one of the best-selling games of all time.


It isn’t only a freeze but a real thing popularised by PUBG, in which a winner of a match is rewarded with a cooked chicken dinner by the loser’s friends.

  • PUBG never relies on cheaters.

Online gaming cheating is associated with big issues, and to combat such issues, PUBG developers take strict action. They have banned over 1 million players for cheating.

  • PUBG is getting a movie and a TV show.

A Pubg movie is in the works, along with a TV show. The movie was produced by Brenden Greene and written by Gary Antonoff. Likewise, the TV show will be produced by Skydance Television and written by Josh Goldstein, but the success of both depends largely on the hands of fans.

  • PUBG has a checkered past.

Despite their popularity, the games have been accused of plagiarism, promotion of violence, eradicating mental development, and copying infringement.

Of all such critics, PUBG managed to come out on top.

  • PUBG was almost, in a way, called “BATTLE ROYALE 2017:

In the initial stages, the developers considered it to be called Battle Royale 2017, but they didn’t want to sell the life of the game just for one year, so they went with PUBG instead, which ultimately achieved success.

  • PUBG mostly streams games on Twitch.

Twitch is a streaming platform where you can stream your games or even what someone else is playing. PUBG Lite Free Mobile Game, the most entertaining game so far, scored a higher rank in streaming and got lots of views.

  • India is not the only country to impose bans on PUBG.

PUBG Lite is an online game where one can play in a team with dialogue delivery in which slang language and bad words are strongly used. So, keeping in mind not to let the youth be unethical, a few countries also came forward and imposed bans on such games. The countries are Iraq, Nepal, and even China.

  • The reason behind the weird name:

PUBG, the acronym for Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, was pretty weird, but the good reason behind its use as the identity of a game is the story behind the creator or developer, Breander Greene, who uses the name of his character in the game as Player Unknown, which is again officially assigned as the name of the game.


So it is concluded from all those jungles of facts that a game that has taken the world by storm without any slower pace is forthcoming if anyone looks at PUBG Lite for fun and addiction, apart from PUBG Lite being the best option never treated so far.


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