How to Play Island King Game (April 2024)

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About Island King Game

Island King Free Spins game is also one of the adventures game found over the internet, like the apple app store and googles play Store.

To know more about the game, you must first use the King game app download. You must be a foreigner to download the game because this island king app is unavailable in Indian Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

You can also download it from any third-party platform, or you must be a foreigner to download it from the official site.

If you see the game metrics, this game isn’t as trending as other games, maybe because they are not updating the game and adding some new features or perhaps something else; I really don’t know much about the game, but still, I will explain you a little bit about the game in details.

You may need more spins and coins when you play the game. Here is what I have for you guys. If you are an Android user, you can download this app and keep using it for free spins and coins daily.


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Island King game is user-friendly and can be played with friends and family on Facebook. Why so that you guys can stay connected and play the game and enjoy attacking and raiding to damage their village and steal their coins?

Here are some similar features which are there in Piggy Go. Let me tell you that the Forever9 Games are the same developers who built the Island King game.

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Island King Villages

Island King has one sixty-plus village where you can play, get some coins, and build the villages daily. Here are some village names I played and completed: Wizard Island, Dragon Island, Mystic Eastern, Lost Tribe, Anubis Desert, Pastoral & Christmas Eve.

These are the islands that I have completed so far to write this blog and explain to you more about the game hope you will like it.

What is Lucky Draw in Island Games?

Lucky Draw is impressive; you must hit the FREE Orange Color Button. After that, it will walk you through an Interstitial ad, and once you close the ad, the lucky Draw will start. When it stops, you get the reward of a king game slot; there are multiple bonuses, such as spins, coins, announcements, etc. There is also a unique feature called island king VIP subscription, in which you can get more spins daily without even searching online for an island game.

What is a Guard Card?

A guard card is nothing but a bunch of card sets you must complete by purchasing chests with your coins or trading with any of your friends playing the same game. For that, you need to ensure you can be connected to Facebook.

What is Spin Wheel?

This is slightly different from other games here; there is nothing that you have a spin button; instead, you have a green control on which you will find paws, and you need to hit the paws to spin the wheel. It is beautiful because it has some different added features, but it still needs to be trending.

What are Pets?

There are six types of pets in the island king game, and all six pets have different roles to play in the game. Let me show you what the pet’s names and their work role are.

  • Detective Octopus

Detective Octopus is well known for helping you find the right coins. In which part do you have the most coins, and its role is the Find Cash King?

  • Wealth Fish

The wealthy Fish is the one who helps you to steal more coins, which means if you are active with this pet and go for a raid, then you will get more coins with the help of the wealthy Fish, so here its role is to steal more coins.

  • Starfish

Starfish is the one who will help you to repair your damaged buildings, those buildings which your friends and random user must have damaged. Starfish’s role is simple but most helpful in that it restores your damaged building.

  • Powerful Shark

Mighty Shark has a simple role that will help you get extra coins when you attack someone else’s island.

  • Défense Turtle

Défense Turtle is also a great pet; suppose you run out of shield, and now someone can easily damage your building; then here comes the Défense turtle. If you activate it, it helps you block only one attack.

  • Electric Eel

The Electric Eel’s electricity can pierce the shields, well, I have yet to try it as I have yet to reach that level to activate this pet, but still, the pet seems very helpful.

What is Social Center?

You will like Social Center if you invite your friends using your invitation link, and if your friend/downloads the game, you get a reward for each download. But make sure that you only share it with the ones connected to Facebook with you, or else you may not get the bonus reward for the invitation.


Island King is also an adventure game with limited features, but it is still so awesome that you will enjoy it. Thanks for reading the article. If you like it, please share it with your friends.

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