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About Minecraft Game

Minecraft is a video game first developed by Mojang. This video game is considered the best video game. First released in 2009 and has sold over 200 million video games worldwide.

One would spawn a 3D-generated world with infinite terrain in this Minecraft game. Here one needs to discover and extract natural material. One can also craft tools using this raw material.

Where to play Minecraft

One can set their world in different forms like peaceful, comfortable, regular, or challenging, according to which one needs to fight mobs. Other than this, one can create different worlds according to different modes.

Altogether, there are different types of methods of survival, creativity, and adventures. This game provides freedom to the player because one can create new gameplay, items, or maybe assets.

Best way to play Minecraft

Minecraft’s main objective is to allow its players to interact, explore, and dynamically generate a map to help them develop new things in their newly created world. All the items in this game are in the form of cubic meter-sized blocks. From trees to mobs, whole things are pixel blocks.

One must mine valuable ores like red stones or diamonds in this game. Crafts new blocks from the new tool using the crafting table and fights mobs like zombies.

One can play this game as a single-player, or one can play it as a single-player too. Here one can also form a combinational circuit that automatically generates different value items like an automatic gold farm. Or one can go for an expedition in the mysterious underworld known as ‘The nether”. Or one can go to a new dimension called ‘the end’ where one needs to defeat the end dragon.

What is Minecraft?

This game is a new generation, Mario. It is an independent video that is available in a different edition. Mojang first developed this game in 2009. The company claims to have more than 100 million registered gamers. 

This game allows users to create a different world with a virtual landscape that I want to play Minecraft. Here one can dig this pixel block and collect them to create something unique. Using these small blocks, one needs to use their imagination to create something big.

In survival, one needs to collect food and make their own home because, at night, certain mobs will spawn to protect themselves; one needs to make weapons and shelter. 

In short, it is a game where one can build anything using their imagination, but to do so, one must do many repetitive things, which can sometimes be boring.

How do you play Minecraft with friends?

There is no specific objective to accomplish. Can I play Minecraft with players who can independently build and break things? Moreover, Minecraft allows one to choose how to play this game. But there is a catch if you want to play in survival mode. Their work is the achievement system. In this section, we will elaborate on different parts of Minecraft.

How to play Minecraft for beginners?

The player is the user who will be creating the world with a random or specific seed. A player can decide in which mode they want to play. In survival, the mode player has two bars: the health bar and the food bar. 

This health bar can be damaged if you fall, drown, or are slain by any mob-like zombie. By wearing armor and having weapons, one can protect its health bar. And for a food bar, one needs always eat something as hunger can damage your health too. Eating food can replenish your food bar, but one might get food poisoning if one continually eats raw meat.

  • Block

Minecraft has many kinds of grass, tree, cobblestone, and ore blocks. These blocks are being used for crafting things using crafting and a furnace. One can dig this block to collect it, but individual blocks can only search through specific tools.

  • Mining

This particular aspect is the most crucial work in Minecraft as this will help extract certain ores, which will be very useful for your gameplay. Mining will help you get cobblestone, iron ore, diamond, emerald, and Red stone resources.

  • Crafting and Smelting

Crafting will help you build new blocks and tools, and you can store those tools in your inventory. At the same time, smelting requires a furnace where ores like iron ores are processed into a more valuable item like iron.

  • Brewing & Enchantments

Brewing will help you to get a particular magical potion. This magic potion will help you in various aspects of the game. Enchantments will be needed if you consider upgrading your tools or armor. The more powerful magic you use, the more you will get XP points.

  • Mobs

Yeah, mobs are the best feature of this game. These mobs can be anything from computer-generated animals to creepers. All things come under assemblies; mobs can be divided into three parts. One is the hostile mobs.

You want to avoid going near these mobs as these mobs will attack you. On the other hand, we have Passive groups that will never bombard you; animals like cows, wolves, etc., fall under this category. One can easily tame these animals for their benefit. Lastly, the neutral mob’s creeper falls under this category; this kind of assembly attacks only if you provoke them.

  • Pros of Minecraft
  1. One can create anything in this game through pixel art.
  2. For the Java version, there is MOD support.
  3. It is a great multiplayer game where one can join any server in Minecraft. And can create anything using the resources of this game.
  4. To date, Minecraft has an active community; whether it is on YouTube or Facebook, there is the Minecraft community’s active participation.
  •  Cons of Minecraft
  1. Poor optimization 
  2. For the bedrock edition, there is no MOD support. Mod support is only available for the JAVA edition.
  3. Most of the available servers are run by corrupt admins.
  4. Most of the server offers the same thing, so this game has no creative approach.
  5. Very addictive


In simple words, In Minecraft, one can build anything one can develop their fantasy island or a floating house. Players can make any creative thing until and unless they have enough blocks. It is excellent, and one should check out this game.

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