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About Subway Surfers Game

Over the past few decades, subway surfers and mobile games have significantly changed. The trending games on the play store or app store are those games that can be played in a short time and don’t need any proper introduction. A subway surfer is one of those games, and not only that, once you understand the whole scenario, you will be hooked.

In simple terms, subway surfers are the better version of the endless running game like temple run. But the twist and turns provided by this game are way more fun than any other game.

How to play subway surfers

This game’s core is to run along the subway railway tracks; on the way, one can collect infinite coins and boosters, which help you avoid severe obstacles like trains, lamp posts, or maybe wooden barricades. To avoid obstacles, one must swipe their finger on the screen from left to right on the three consecutive railway tracks.

Along with this, there are many elements present in this game, like the power-ups, which help you to collect more points as well as also helps to avoid obstacles. Like the jet pack & coin, a magnet enables you to manage a lot of coins in a single shot, whereas sneakers help you avoid obstacles. Besides this booster, one will also get various missions to complete, because of which one can collect a lot of coins while completing those missions.

Other than all these power-ups, one can upgrade these power-ups. Consider this hoverboard one can upgrade using coins, which you must have collected by playing the game. Even one can purchase these coins; usually, one can collect this coin just in a single shot to upgrade this booster, so buying coins easily is unnecessary. Whether you want to spend money or not, it’s up to you. 

This game has useful features; one should check them out.

What is a subway surfers games online?

Subway Surfer is a 3D running game. The graphics of the subway surfer is animated, and the art style is very colorful and cartoonist, because of which children & women love this game interface. In this game, one graffiti artist tries to escape the police officers.

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The key feature of this game is that one can easily see their ranking from another ranking competitor. Besides this ranking system, one will also get three tasks: one needs to play the game and fulfill those missions once one achieves those goals. This great approach will push the player to play the game regularly.

How is playing subway surfers

Subway Surfer is an infinite-running mobile game; billions of people download it on almost every platform. The game was first launched in 2012 after so many years of reforms and added features as lead to today’s subway surfers.

The vital factor in the subway surfers is that this game is continuously renovated and improved by removing glitches from the competition. As earlier, we have mentioned, subway surfer is close to time, but at the same, it’s not a pure clone of temple run. One needs to turn in a temple run, but subway surfer is an infinite straight-line run.

In the games play subway surfers, the paths are divided into three essential railway tracks. The character of this game needs to jump from one way to another to avoid any obstacles.

The obstacles can be static as well as dynamic. In general, it is a fantastic infinite running game where one needs to swipe their finger so that the character can jump from one track to another to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

The achievements work similarly to many infinite running games; to put forward in this game, one can use four different forms to unlock achievements. In this section, we will discuss all types of players.

Achievers, In short, are here to collect more coins and points.

Who is the girl from Subway Surfers?

Explorers, unlock all the game’s secrets and visit all the available features. For socializers, communication is the ultimate pro job. Last but not least is the killer who dominates the whole game.

We already mentioned this feature; because of this only feature, players stay hooked on this game. One will open this game daily because of its daily reward feature. Once someone login they will receive a bonus chest because of this feature.

This extraordinary thing is its regular update, making the gameplay quite sophisticated and the interface quite user-friendly. In short, the graphics of the game, as well as the interface, is quite remarkable. And playing subway surfer is an excellent way to explore something new.

  • Pros

The graphics of subway surfer is quite excellent, and the character in these games are appealing, which is quite different from other infinite running games like temple run.

As the game is straight because one doesn’t need to turn their mobile phone, one needs to swipe their hands to move from one track to another to avoid obstacles. And lastly is the mystery box upgrade, which can be found after you finish a run or buy this box at 500 coins. 

  • Cons

In the temple run, a character will chase you down while you’re running; this character is known as a cannibal. 

One thing about temple runs is sometimes we get random stuff like holes. Turning around and you need to know what is there on the other end makes it quite challenging to play, but there are no such things in subway surfer.

Lastly is the graphics comparison; even though subway surfer has animated graphics, many running games like temple run somewhat more realistic graphics than subway surfers.


In general, subway surfer is a great game. This game has excellent graphics; if you crave adorable animated characters, you should sign up for this. The environment of this game is also fantastic, colorful, and bright. Moreover, this game is regularly updated, and one should reconsider this game.

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