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About Super Mario Run Game Review

Nintendo decided to modify their pc game into a Smartphone game, with the release of the Super Mario game being the ultimate star.

There are dozens of games available in the market which Nintendo developed. By far, Mario has represented perfect & incredible things that provide excellent control and come with enough potential. Nintendo has done an admirable job developing a different aspect of the game.

How to play super mario run

The controls of this game are smooth. It makes your gameplay relatively smooth. One can quickly jump or move left & right by touching the screen, all thanks to the game’s developers. And by jumping, one can stomp the enemies of this game and also helps to collect coins.

In short, the controls of this game are incredible because of which gameplay would be smooth and hassle-free.

Initially, one would spend a lot of their time traveling the world of Mario. Like the old Mario game, it is divided into three modes with 24 levels. This 24-level revolves around six different worlds.

Is Super Mario Run online?

Even though the game’s surroundings are the same, one will encounter ghost houses, deserts, or the infamous mushroom kingdom. Even though the surrounding might be the same, there are some upgrades in the graphics made by Nintendo. Nintendo has tried to make the characters & surroundings more colorful. 

Before diving into the world of Mario, one should know that it is not an endless running game. It is similar to the previous version. One needs to run and control Mario by avoiding Koopas & Goombas and need to reach the flag point. 

After all these issues, Nintendo never fails to surprise us. One of the most significant changes is Mario’s behavior in the vaults of enemies. The game’s concept remains the same; it made some significant changes.

Play Super Mario Run Online

In general, the gameplay of the Super Mario run is quite simple. One always needs to tap the screen; controlling Mario is relatively easy; there are only short & long taps, and those are the only controls in the game. 

Even though a player might need to make a Mario jump which will automatically handle everything, this game tries to feel the essence of infinite running, like temple running or subway surfers.

As we mentioned earlier, this game has 24 levels. After that, the game will come to an end.

Can you play Mario Run for free?

Each World of Mario is different from the other one. Each has a different layout, platform, and graphics than the others. Everything is awesome. The only disappointment of this game is that one cannot play this game in portrait mode. One always needs to play this game in landscape mode.

One thing we adore about this game is its way of rewarding you. One can easily collect as many as coin they want as this is the only motive of this game. The interface of this game wants you to capture as many coins as you want instead of getting to a particular destination.

Besides these coins, one can collect some precious gems to help you in-game swag. This gem comes in three different colors; one is pink color, the other one is purple, and lastly, black.

It is the only thing that keeps you engaged, and because of this, you will return to play this game. To gain these valuable gems, one needs to have a precise knowledge of the location and layout of the game.

No of the levels in Super Mario Run Online

As mentioned earlier, this super mario run game has six worlds. Each of these worlds has four levels. Out of these four-level, one level is the boss level, and one can enter this level if one finishes the lower level. One can travel through the level by collecting coins.

Other than this mode, another model is available in this game, known as Toad Rally. In this mode, too, one would travel the world. While doing so, one would collect coins. But there is a catch in this mode.

Here the player has to compete with the ghost character of another world. This ghost character is also another player of Super Mario Run. The graphic style is fantastic, just like the other ones.

But this toad rally comes at a price. There is a limitation in playing this mode as one needs to enter the competition and have an in-game ticket available at a specific price.

Other than these two modes, there is another customizable mode. One can create certain buildings or a particular environment according to their preference.

  • Pros of super mario run online
  1. One can easily play this game instantly.
  2. One can do many things outside of the level.
  3. These games would make me nostalgic for the old Mario game.
  4. One collects many coins.
  • Cons of the super mario run game
  1. One must buy the game if one considers having the entire game.
  2. One would need the internet to play this game, so playing this game might be an issue while traveling.


If we ignore specific issues, Super Mario Run is the finest game developed by Nintendo. They have come up with a game that has a minimalistic design & gameplay.

The concept of the game is so simple that children adore this game. Not only children but adults also love this game, as the structure of this game is fantastic. The developer has created the game to earn enough coins through gameplay.

If the central issue of the game is that it is a bit costly, but if we compare the game to another Mario game console, then this is the cheaper one. One thing which we adore is collecting bonus coins. It is the fun part of Super Mario Run.

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