How to Become a Pro in PUBG: An Unravelled Guide to TOP PUBG Players

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How to Become a Pro in PUBG: An Unravelled Guide to TOP PUBG Players

What happens once you’ve destroyed Fortnite and other teenage shooters? However, many people desire to enhance their gaming skills and take TOP PUBG Players to the next level but don’t know where to begin. Are my readers among them? So this is the precise point at which you are scrolling: Below are a few facts, but before that, let us know about the owner of PUBG.

The game’s developer and designer, Brendan Greene, spent two years in Brazil working as a web developer and photographer before returning to Ireland to work in the gaming sector. After his successful career in game development, he was soon hired by Daybreak (a game development company), albeit he eventually resigned.

After a month passed, he was sent to Seoul, where the giant game-developing company BlueHole already waited for him. Greene successfully impressed the minds of developers with his thought process and ideas for the Battle Royale game. BlueHole readily agreed with the approach and assigned the position of Creative Director of PUBG to Greene.

On March 23, the day arrived when PUBG was released to Steam. It turned out to be a huge success but was accompanied by a few bugs. The developers have the intention to test the game and outsource it to multiple test agencies by transmitting beta copies of PUBG to get appropriate feedback.

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Within a year, the game could sell 50 million copies on PC and Xbox One worldwide. PUBG got the top position in the most prominent games, whereas Data 2, and Counter-Strike secured 2nd and 3rd positions in the result, respectively. But PUBG developers took the position as a challenge, and to build the game smoother and more compatible with various platforms, they continued with the testing process, which not only detected the bugs present in the game but also got prompt general feedback.

What is the gameplay of PUBG to the TOP PUBG Players?

PUBG is based on a battlefield scene in which 100 players in solo or squad mode are made to jump from a plane and land on the ground by parachute. They are then required to search for weapons, ammunition, safety, etc.

The final player or squad secures the winning position after killing other opponents and Iscaniwin Ahichickennner. Since it’s launched, various game modes as per the situation and dresses for the new game avatars can be selected as per the player’s choice.

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What are the trending facts about PUBG to the top PUBG Players in India?

The trending 5 facts about PUBG to the top PUBG Players in India that blow the mind are given in the following:

  • PUBG will soon be streamed as a movie and TV show to entertain the fans with maximum hits.
  • PUBG is also accused of plagiarism, promotion of violence, and retardation of mental development.
  • PUBG banned 1 million players for cheating while playing.
  • PUBG’s initial name for launch is Battle Royale 2017.
  • India is not the only country to impose a ban on PUBG; Nepal, Iraq, and even China will join the queue later on.

How do I become a pro in PUBG: Guide to the TOP PUBG Players?

To become a pro or expert in PUBG, the player invests too much energy and improves their skill. The below-pointed-out hints are associated with PUBG to assist the top PUBG Players in India:


Practice on a routine basis: the more they can play, the better they will turn into trying to attempt the basics a couple of times a day, being consistent, and becoming sharp in the game.

Learn from the best: There are numerous expert players of PUBG streaming live on various gaming platforms (Jerk, Twitch, etc.). The player has to watch their strategies and attempts in the game, learn those tricks, and use them while playing.

Enhance the points: Preparing maps and enhancing points is the main area to focus the player and become a pro-like player.

Work on forecasting the game: The capacity to forecast will occur next in the game, so pursue choices accordingly. First, the player tries to focus on the guide track for development and frame the strategies.

Interact in group: PUBG is a game of social interaction, so to ensure the other members of the group interact, it is most important to cooperate and win.

Aware of new add-ons:  PUBG continuously adds new features to make the gaming experience more realistic. So one should keep up with all the new fixes and changes in the game.

Turning into an Ace Player: The player turns off difficulty, inconsistency, and commitment. So a pro is required to invest and practice to get the top position.

  1. Game Guide
  • Prepare the network: To experience a realistic pubg, the top PUBG players in India always use Wi-Fi as a mobile network of a stable nature to ignore pings (latency) in the network.
  • Upgrade the settings: To get a gleeful experience, the settings must be changed.
  • Turn off the power saver, data saver, and auto brightness features.
  • Kill the app running in the background.
  • Lower the graphics for a lag-free gaming experience.
  • Use headphones along with microphones; PUBG is a social online game, so clear audio is mandatory. It also helps to spot the opponent’s presence in nearby areas by the sound they make with their feet.
  • Get a peculiar setting in the lobby—the lobby has a handful of settings—and connect with friends, manage inventory, claim rewards, build teams, and change control modes and maps in the game. So it should be precisely set to get all the advantages in the game.
  • For beginners, beginners always comment on playing the game solo more to enhance confidence and build up a strategy of their own to survive in the game.
  • Always land as early as possible; a fast landing gives you the chance to collect weapons and essentials and reach the same point.
  • Survive the combat: If in any case the player traps in the red zone, a strategy can be adopted in the game like
  • Use bushes, trees, rocks, or houses to hide instead of grass.
  • Go prone or crouch.
  • Apply energy capsules or painkillers to enhance endurance.
  • Move slowly so the opponent is not able to track the sound and detect the position.
  • Use helmets and armour to avoid bullet damage.
  • Select the gun wisely. PUBG includes various firearms:
  • *Pistols
  • *SMG’s
  • *Snippers
  • *Shotguns
  • *Grenades

Smoke grenades and even additional options

So the player has to choose those options as per the game strategy and requirements.

Facts to know: To stay offshore, a snippet or rifle with 4X or 8X zoom will be the best to secure, along with a pistol and another rifle or SMG such as an AKM or Tommygun.

The landing location should always be less than 1200 meters away from the drop point. Press F to drop out of the aeroplane after getting to the desired location.


The journey is as significant as the destination itself; it is a probable lesson that PUBG innumerates about life. Apart from that, the excellent design, connection to real-world graphics, and error prevention all led to PUBG being a real top holder in gaming, but it somewhat hampers society by making players addicted. So it is highly recommended to play it as a game, but that doesn’t make it the reason for your impatience, ignorance of work, and desolation from society. I hope this content will help guide and favor you in the game.

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