How To Get Match Masters Free Boosters (May 2024)

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About Match Masters Game

The best online puzzle game with the most interesting portion to use own skill and aptitude to win against the rival player. Yes, you will have guessed it perfectly it’s nothing but the Match  Master.

Match Master is a game to familiarize the same color of three pieces of gems allotted in the match. Match master uniqueness in the puzzle makes it the most popular among the players.

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The gameplay of Match Master

In the initial stage, the player selects their opponent and then starts the game to defeat those by their potential skills. This feature is somewhat similar to Candy Crush. So what is the uniqueness we discussed prior? It is different from other games as each match allows boosters and perks. As per the selection of reward, the player has to defeat their rivals.

In each game of match master, the player will have a total of four turns and two moves. So, the player should always reveal the actual potential in the later period of the game to get the best match experience and easily beat the opponent.


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What are Match Master Free Boosters?

Boosters are the most enormous part of Match Master which are available in several types:

  • Additional booster is available by collection of blue pieces of gems to win and defeat the opponent
  • Booster of Match Master can be won as a reward at the end of the match
  • Booster of Match Master can be purchased from the game store but few are restricted to purchase which can only be earned by winning the game.

Let’s roll the types of boosters in detail in the following:

In general, the Match Master game has provided 5 types of boosters with 28 varieties 

  • Bronze Booster: This is also called beginner’s booster because being a new player this booster revives the player to beat their opponents. It can be obtained from daily gifts or events as a free booster of Match Master.
  • Silver Booster:  Slime, Crazy Rocket, and Hat Booster are the varieties available in Silver Booster to win the game by the player. It has more advantages than the bronze booster to beat the opponents.
  • Gold Booster: Gold Booster returns 6 varieties in the Match Master game namely Laser Beam, Magic Wand, Balloon Blast, Sweep, Master-Mind, and Lil Dragon. This star-studded booster ensures the winning of the match from the opponents.
  • Diamond Booster: Diamond boosters are available in match master in 13 different varieties namely Foxy Roxy, Valentine, Doctor Color, Crazy Clover, High Voltage, UFO, Butler Bot, Cobra Queen, El Magneto, Wolly Workout, Mr. Apple Berry, All Abroad, Colonel Macquack.
  • Diamond boosters come in 3 stages the third stage is more popular than the first two stages.
  • Legend Booster:  The evergreen powerful booster of the match master assured to defeat the opponent and wonderful rewards. Legend booster is such booster which is available in 4 different varieties viz, Monkey Jo Jo, Mr. Brocco Boogie, Billie No, and Om.

    Legend booster can only be grabbed through the winning task and any player is not able to buy it or earn from request. With such a booster, the player can overcome all sort of obstacle which is next to impossible to win by players. It leads to a powerful combination to get a high score.

How to collect the Match Master free boosters link?

Match Master free booster can easily be available but before the player has to run down a few steps given in the following points:

* To claim the match master free boosters, the game must be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

* Connect the Facebook account with Match-master in this game only Facebook account holders are prioritized for rewards

Or, visit the website ( authentic website) to find the Match master free booster article.

* Click on the post to find daily rewards and boosters for free.

* Lastly, tap the button Collect  Now to redeem the rewards on your list.

This game gives you daily free and small bonus rewards wherein you don’t need to log in to claim the reward; if you are an active player and have the game installed on your phone, then click on the green CLAIM button, and you will be able to claim your daily rewards with a single click.

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What are the other ways to get match master free boosters?

More ways to get free boosters for Match Master Game-

Free boosters, spins, and coins are the real way to stabilize and keep on growing at a continuous space of development in the game. To guide the users we bring up other ways to get the best gaming experience through the given ways:

Bonus Spins: Match Master allot only one free bonus point daily. Spinning the will leads to winning amazing prizes and gifts namely boosters, stickers, coins, and chests.

Social Media Rewards:  The safest and easiest mode of earning match master daily dose gifts for free boosters, stickers, chests, and many more.

Set Tournaments: The Match Master always arranges for a tournament or Quest with exciting gift models that enable a player to participate with a maximum of 8 players for such a tournament.

The attack, defense, and raid are the stages of the tournament to win in the finals this exciting game not only provides rewards to the first raiser but secures certain gifts to the first runner-up of the tournament too. The participants must be ensure to read all the terms and conditions before the outset of the game.

Events: To be accompanied by more boosters and rewards the player has to be part of those events organized by by the Match Master. Award-winning rewards are:-

* Priority amount of free boosters of Match Master

* Chests

* Points earning

* Other rewards

Stickers:  As per the game Match Master also wrote their album of sticker sets. Those stickers are the key to getting free rewards and amazing gift items.

Invite Friends: Match Master provides the option of reference by ‘Invite Your  Friends’ and deliberate the chance to win exciting rewards. But in match master, this option is only beneficial if the player reaches a high level because in the initial stage.

The prices and rewards are limited and it rises considerably by increasing the level. It provides the prices like diamond boosters, spins, and coins for free. The completion of 10 invitations assures winning event points too.

Promo Codes: Match Master Promo Codesrarea lot to enjoy in-game benefits and rewards. These are mostly available on the official Match Master social media profile. It is available in online forums and Groups of the game

  • It can be used by clicking on the game page.
  • Go to the setting option and
  • Select the redeem code option to unlock the codes and enjoy the reward.

Team play and Watch Ads:  Through these two-way free boosters coins spins and extra awards are available to the player.

Team play assures the benefit of playing in a group or team and even chatting during the game whereas advertisement small outlook which provides winning exciting free booster of Match Master and many more.

Final Words:

It is never so surprising that Match Master offers so many ways to win gifts and rewards. This makes it the most popular among the players gives adds extra elements of excitement by giving a better experience in the game with such efficiency the game can record a total download of 10 million and rated 4.2 stars out of 5 (by 1 million people).

Please share the post with your friends so that they can also collect the free boosters and match master coins bonuses as you do; please comment if you are happily playing the game.

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