How To Get Coin Tales Free Spins (April 2024)

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Are you looking to play Coin Tales & collect Coin Tales free spins to progress faster in the gameplay?  Or to extend the gaming experience with a group of friends?  So don’t worry at all, you all have landed in the best-suited places to get a guide, we explain the most recent and active ways to get free spins and coins to give you the best opportunity for a gaming experience.

Coin Tales is a popular multilayer adventurous game developed by Moon joy. It is preferred in both devices of Android and iOS. It is fully based on the concept of defend and attack module.

Coin Tales app was downloaded about 40 thousand times in recent months. It is rated 4.5 stars out of a thousand ratings. The last update of the app was on September 20, 2023. It hits a total download of 1.8 Million.

About Coin Tales Game

Coin Tales, a free Spin, is a mobile intrinsic game that is the combination of Strategic Element and Fortune. Players are infused with tasks namely

  • collection of coins
  • completing challenges
  • unlocking various in-game tools.

The game is all about simplification and the potential of daily rewards to progress faster. The player can get entry into the game by usage of a link or app. They can even create their avatars as per the preference of the initial stage and register their Quest and challenges field journey.

Various elements i.e. solving puzzles, battling and constructing empire, and completing tasks of the tournament of daily mode assist in getting rewards in the form of digital tokens or coins.

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Is there any way to get coin tales free spins?

This game gives you daily free and small bonus rewards wherein you don’t need to log in to claim the reward. If you are an active player and have the game installed on your phone, click the green CLAIM button, and you can claim your daily rewards with a single click.

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What is the gameplay of Coin Tales?

The gameplay of Coin Tales is based on two interface

  • Slot Machine
  • Base to unlock upgrades.

Playing the machine by whirling extends the way to grab coins and even use in-app purchases to acquire new decorative elements of the base.

To access Coin Tales Free Spins players need to fulfill certain criteria-

* Login daily

* While the installment of the game is finished, choose the avatar and create your profile.

* You can personalize your element by adding a customized option to get valid gaming experiences

How to collect Coin Tales Free Spins?

The easy and simple steps lead the player to grab the opportunity and be assured of quality free spins. To get it follow the steps:

Step 1: Download Coin Tales from the Google Play Store and install it on the device.

Step 2: Click on the Open option and Connect Coin Tales to the Social Media handler i.e. Facebook Account.

Step 3: Visit the CM Reward Links site and scroll a little down to get authentic links on a daily free spins.

Step 4: Click on the Collect option to receive the prescribed reward of free spins.

#Facts to know: The Coin Tales Links for free spins eventually lasted for a limited period. So always be energetic to collect such spins within the prescribed limit of time.

How to get more Coins and Free Spins Coin Tales?

Another way to grab more free spins and coins in Coin Tales is discussed in the following listed details:

Play with friends:

The easiest and most adorable method to get free spins of coin tales is to make contact with friends and invite them by the “invite friend” option as a new player when the friend joins the game using the link given by you both the party will win coins and free spins.

Connect to Social Media Handlers:

Connect your Facebook, and Instagram accounts to the official game page to get free rewards on various links posted daily on the official page. Those links are authentic with loads of free spins. The user can get a good opportunity to play with it.

Daily Login Bonus:

Coin Tales offers a daily basis bonus as a part of login. The main requirement for such is that the player should log in daily to get frequent rewards of free spins and coins.

Finish off the Quest:

The coin brings different Quests and challenges mostly in a daily mode. After accomplishing those tasks the player is rewarded with free coins and free spins and can unlock various upgrades present in the game.

Strategies wisely:

The player always ensures free spins by utilizing them strategically. He should be familiar with each stage’s unique features and deploy the spins to get big wins.

Spin the wheel:

Coin Tales offers a daily mode of 5 spins per hour and allows the user to spin and win valuable prizes including coins power-ups and even rare collectibles.

In-app purchase:

The player can purchase coins and spins through purchase offers. As per the budget, the player can align their gaming goal and consider those free spins and coins.

Consistent mode:

The player should maintain consistency or actively participate in the game to win free coins and spins to increase the gaming experience.

Explore New World:

The player explores the opportunities to get new realms in Coin Tales that add excitement and present fresh challenges as well as discover the chance of rare in-game belongings.

Avoid Common Setbacks:

The players to get more experience in gameplay must not ignore the probable cause of harm related to such  in the following points:


The player should play the game to induce enjoyment but it’s important to not get addicted to the game. Always set a time limit to sustain the freshen-up mind rather than peek at the excessiveness.

Aware of Scams:

The player should be aware of scam-related cheats or links, those falsehood in-game promises always end up with compromising security threats regards to account.

Usage of Third Party:

To get graphical intrinsic gameplay with more features third-party apps show numerous features but hardly a few of them are trustworthy.


Coin Tales is a global sensation in the field of online games that offers a filled journey with the common offer of free spins, coins, and hidden treasuries side by side.

So, to explore all such experiences the player should be actively vigilant, set their next plans and strategies to maximize the rewards, and unlock the full potential of upgrading levels.

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